The “Anti-Social Network”

(Not taking credit for coining that title)

I have seen some horrible things being said on social media.  This article is center around Facebook declining to add a “Dislike” button, in the hopes that people would remain friendly and foster closer relationships instead of fighting.  Not that a dislike button would really have the power to do anything anyway, but is that what arguments are coming to? You either like or you don’t? Wheres the debates, intelligent conversation, and the sharing of ideas that are the basics of human interaction??  We have voices for a reason!  And no those voices are not for tearing someone apart online because you can’t see their face so you think you can say whatever you want because you’re technically not talking to a real person.  It drives me crazy because so many quiet people are so loud online, and sometimes they even take on a completely different persona. What will conversation be like in another ten years? It scares me to think about it sometimes.


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