Observation: Too many resources

Whenever I watch the news I always find it interesting about how many resources the news provides.  I was watching the Channel 11 News the other day regarding the snowstorm, and it seemed like instead of new news stories, they were advertising their website and their mobile app.  If you’re watching the news on T.V. why are you going to go online for the same information you just watched?  Also why does there need to be a WJZ mobile app for the news, when it’s equally, if not more convenient to just google (or go to their mobile webpage) whatever you’re looking for?  When I watch the news I want actual news, not just the general gist of what’s going on and then advertisements of why I should choose this news station, or even worse boost their scope.  In another direction, I don’t understand why there are so many nightly news shows.  Can we take a minute to reflect up the fact that there are 15+ news shows and it still took me twenty minutes to find out how much snow we were supposed to get, when, and where last night?  I guess I should have downloaded the mobile app if I wanted quicker results.  Maybe I’m thinking too radically here, but the nightly news should be a staple, not a business.  It’s all about ratings and making money when it should be about delivering the news to people.  And not this crappy cut and paste news, but the whole hearted truth however frightening it may be.  We need to be better educated on current events in society because I’m sick of hearing people debate over things they know nothing about. [end rant]


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