Media Bias and Ignorance

I found this article to be particularly telling. So many people complain about politics and other things in the news, but way too many of them have not done nearly enough (if any) research in order to form their own opinion.  It makes me so angry when people babble on about a blurb that they half-heard on Fox news or even a commercial.  My high school was very… biased when it came to politics, but none of them actually understood the context of the issues they so vehemently disagreed with.  This article discusses how many commercial news networks have bias, and present not facts of the situation, but the details their viewers want to hear.  The funniest thing to me was how there was a trend in how the majority of the votes for the president came from people who knew little about the candidate!  I remember back in 2008 during the election, my friends and some family said they would vote for president Obama because he had a cool name!  People complain about the government takeover and media bias, but in all honesty what are we doing to stop it?  Is anyone trying to find out what’s really going on in the world, or do we watch the news so we have polite conversation for work tomorrow?


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