Observation – “Superbowl Party”

So a bit ago I went to a Super Bowl party, and media and technology were surprisingly the main attraction.  Being that none of us really cared much about football anyway, and we saw it as just something to do, we took a satyrical approach to the event.  Imagine fifteen or so young adults all sitting around a T.V.; ten of them on laptops/phones, and the other five watching just for the commercials and halftime.  Those on laptops were playing video games together, and even more interestingly talking to each other in the game, even thought they were sitting within arms reach.  Those on cell phones were playing either Trivia Crack with each other, or Snapchatting each other.  Everyone was having such a great time, and it seemed so strange to me that they found more enjoyment in talking via technology than looking up and using their words.  People have voices for a reason!  It really bothers me when people have a huge get together with friends and nobody talks because everyone is so wrapped up in being somewhere else.  If you have the time to spend with another person you should cherish it, because sadly you don’t know if you’ll have the opportunity again.  You can always look at Facebook or play Trivia Crack when you’re alone, but you don’t always have an chance for good conversation.  Those are the best memories in my opinion; just a get together with friends, talking about everything and nothing at the same time and just enjoying each others company.  I think back to my favorite memories, and technology isn’t even involved. Staying up all night having a conversation with someone, walking around outside telling stories, playing cards, dancing with your friends… I don’t remember checking Facebook, tweeting, etc. It’s those unexpected and maybe even awkward moments and interactions that make life special, and I don’t think we should take those moments for granted.


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