Social Media: Who cares what Mark ate for lunch at 3:22 pm?

Social Media: How does it really affect our mental health and well-being?

I really enjoyed this article.  I know that I’m one of “the millennial’s” and social media and texting are supposed to be my favorite things, and maybe I’m just an old soul trapped in a young person’s body, but I think it’s too much.  Hanging out with family/friends is almost pointless because everyone’s on their phones and it’s almost as if they can’t be bothered with what you have to say in person.  It really upsets me because I don’t think that Facebook or twitter can ever, or SHOULD ever replace actual human interaction… I see young kids who could care less about anything because they’re face down in their iPads.  Where is the intellectual stimulation in that? When did liking someones status or picture online become a better gesture than telling them in person?  Maybe I’m just being crazy here, but  a phone call will always be better than a text, a compliment will always be better than a like, and in the case of needing social media I think ignorance really is bliss…


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